Monday, December 13, 2010

Kangaroo's adventures in Russia

Students from Hawkesdale colledge have sent us the toy Kanga. It is verry pretty. Everybody likes it. Kanga has travelled around our school.


алина said...

супер!мы все так заняты!!!

Durff said...

I invite you all to come visit our blog. We are a 1st grade class in Hagerstown, Maryland, United States. Please leave us comments either on the teacher blog or on the student blogs ->

David and Adele said...

It was interesting to have a look around a Russian School, this is new for me. Your post about Kangaroo went up on my birthday! your school looks modern and large. I wonder how many children there are in your school?
We are returning from one week of holidays on Monday, so there is a lot of preparation this weekend. It would be nice to receive a visit from yourselves, perhaps you will leave a comment as well.

Best wishes
Mr E
Hawes School

Larisa Tarasevich said...

Hi! Thanks for the comments. Our school is really modern and very large! We love it very much! We are going to visit your blogs.