Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The park

Pines and fur-trees grow in our park. The school cross-country rases are carried here frequently. The roads in the park are asphaled. While walking sometimes it is possible to see a skipping squirrel on the trees.

The river and the bridge

There is a dam on the river. There are always fishermen on the river. Young people like to bathe in it in summer heat.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A new school

This school will be opened next school year.

Our local attractions

This is our school we love it.


Pancakes (made of flour, water or milk, yeast and eggs.)


Soup with kvas, hard-boiled eggs, radishes, chopped spring onions, cucumbers and dill, boiled meat; everything is chopped. It is cold.


Cabbage soup with fresh or sauerkraut cabbage.


Ceneral pudding. It is made of oats, rice, manna grout, buckwheat, millet.

Siberian traditional food

The most popular drinks: tea, kompot, kvas, kisel

Some traditional Siberian clothes

Ivan Kupala Day

Ivan Kupala Day is a very merry day and a funny holiday. Everybody has a great fun, people spill over one another, nobody can stay dry. In the evening young people gather around the bonfires and have some contests.


The church festival is celebrated in January 19 . In January 19 the water in wells, streams clean to priest . The water consider useful after rites.
Some people swim in a cold water.People drink that water . The water can treat people

Siberians like Russian Banya very much

Every Saturday people visit banya.
They sit in a great heat and beat each other with birch bushes.
They say it’s very useful for health.

The modern Siberian house

Siberian culture is unique, because it has a huge number of holidays and traditions.

The first russian houses (izba) were built of
wood. The Russians used only pine-trees
and larch-trees for building this houses. They
didn’t use nails for buildings the houses.

The Russian stove was a large structure,
from floor or ceiling

The stove was used for
a lot of things: cooking food, sleeping.

The river Birusa is the largest river of our region

A birch is the symbol of Russia

•It is similar to a pyramidal poplar.It grows among the blossoming field, all branches are directed upwards. From the ground up to the top of the tree there is a continuous rich crone.

The lake Plakhino

•This lake also has curative properties as well as Sacred, but on the bottom of this lake there is a curative silt. It is applied as a forage to domestic birds and animals. This lake with edible silt is unique.
The legend

•The lake Plakhino attracts pilgrims from all corners of Siberia and Russia. It is located on the right coast of the river Birusa, in several km.from the village Plakhino and in 70 km. to northeast from Aban. In 60s the lake was called Nikukinskoye. Local people named it Zahrebtovoye. The visitors specified it as the water of «life».

•By the official data, its water is poorly mineral and is not suitable for drinking; however it is very useful for baths and washing.
• If you are bitten by mosquitoes (your face and hands) wash them with plakhinskaya water. In several hours there will be no even a trace from stings. Your skin becomes soft and gentle. The main secret of the lake stored on its bottom. It is curative silt, which is called moroga.

•Moroga is very curative. If you lie down in the silt-many illnesses will disappear. So people have baths with it.
• In Krasnoyarsk territory there are hundred thousand of lakes, a lot of them are medical. But there is no such a miracle as Plakhino edible silt!
• In several km. from Plahino there are other lakes, for example, the lake Mangareki but the lake Plakhino is unique.

The Sacred Lake

•The lake has curative properties, therefore it is also a favorite place of rest.

The legend

•The lake Svyatoye( or Sacred) is a well-know for its blue water and, а beautiful bottom. It is in Krasnoyarsk territory, Abanskiy region. There is also, а legend that on the sunset or sunrise the Cross shines on the surface of water.
• The legend says that for а long time on the place of the lake there was а church. The church failed under the ground and on this place the lake was formed. This place is sacred .

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Warm days are going ………
The autumn colors leaves
Red, yellow, golden, brown
A lot of berries, mushrooms
We like nuts from our cedars

We have a nice nature!
It any season of the year.


Nice nature Summer comes
The water’s running in the rivers
Can anybody
Help his admiring?
Then walk in forest
Breathe the air

Summer is a time for children
Time for fun and rest

Wonderful days
Magic time-summer!


Spring is beautiful
It gives a birth to everything
It brings us love,
And wakes the sleeping nature
The birds are coming back
And singing their songs
Everything is green and blooming


It’s my favorite season
The trees look like the lace
And on the brunches there is
A present from Mother Winter.

Look at the landscapes and enjoy!

It reminds me about legends
So much exciting
So much admiring!
Oh, white wonderful birch!
You were born among dull fir trees and the darkness.
You are admired by a lot of people
Now and in past!
You can find here
Field and taiga forests
In any season!
If it’s sunny summer
Or frosty windy winter
In spring
Or golden autumn.