Friday, February 15, 2013

About out school teachers' team.

Presentation of School English Teachers Accociation.

Introduction of native place - Aban.

The video was made by 5th graders last year as a project of the elective course.

Fairy tales by 4th graders.

Perseus and Liana
erseus and Liana 
Once a long time ago there lived a princess Liana and prince  Perseus. 
Perseus and Liana had a wedding.
 Once upon a time there was a wicked witch.
 The witch learned about the wedding. 
Andshe wanted to enchant the princess.
 The witch turned into a kind fairy and turned her dancing hut into the castle.
 She went to the place where Liana lived and invited her to visit her castle. 
She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to stay. Princess lay down to sleep. The witches wanted to turn Liana into a fly but she said wrong words and she turned into a fly herself.
The princess stood up and stepped on the fly. 
She ran and ran. She ran and saw her castle and Perseus. 
Perseusand Liana lived long and happily. 
(Alina Bikinina)
Flower fairy.
Once upon a time there lived a flower fairy Flora. Flora liked flower garden. Wicked wizard arrived to the garden and turned flowers into stones. Flora fell ill. Prince passed the garden. He saw garden and went to kind girl. He had got his sword and killed cruel magician. So all magic charm disappeared. But Flora recovered and took care of garden
(Kate Savostyanova)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Funny stories.

There are some stories that were written by students.(usage of Past simple and Past progressive)

Our Christmas cards in the USA.

The Brainwaves from Connecticut,USA,  reading our Christmas wishes for them.

Packages from the USA.

It took too long time to get all these letters and cards. We are happy to get it from Texas, Illinis,Connecticut.