Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Once  upon a  time , a princess lived in high  and  scared  tower. The princess was kind but miserable.
A dangerous big spider was next to the tower. There was a deep swamp  in front of the tower.
A handsome prince saw the princess in the tower. He went with a sword across deep and green swamp.
A kind beautiful princess ran out of the high tower.
The prince and the princess married and lived long and happy.

by Varya

A lesson for Anna

Once upon a time there lived two sisters. 
One girl’s name was Olya. She  was fourteen. 
The second girl’s name was Anna. She  was eight. 
They lived in a small house.
One day Anna went to the dangerous forest. She saw a wicked wizard under tree. He wanted to steal Anna in  the deep swamp.
 A wise fairy turned the wizard into  an ugly frog. The frog  hid in the deep swamp. The fairy said: “ Anna, do not go to the dangerous forest alone!”
Anna agreed with the kind fairy and went to her small house.  Olya met  her there. Olay was glad. Sisters were cheerful  and happy.

They lived long and happy.

by Nastya 

We are coming back to our blog.

Long time I didn't publish anything here. We missed the blog and now we are back with new projects.