Monday, March 10, 2008


There is always a lot of singing and dancing this day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Pancakes are the traditional dish. Some women bake them just here outdoors and sell them.

Farewell winter!

Burning a straw effigy of Winter is a traditional activity.


In Russia, Shrovetide is an ancient festival dating from pagan times. It is a festival of celebrating the arrival of spring.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


There are different kinds of owls in our region.
This winter was very severe and we can see them even near our houses eating in "feeding houses" which are made by boys( men). We hang them on the trees and put some food there.
Very beautiful, aren't they?


A magpie and a raven. They live near the houses of people.
It's a heron. It lives near the lakes. It likes to eat frogs.
A woodpecker . These birds are often the characters of Russian fairy - tales.


a capercaillie or a wood-grouse. It lives in tayga. It eats grass and berries.People hunt them. An adult bird is about 25 kg.
It's a drake.
It's a duck. They fly to our place to have small ducklins. They fly away to warm countries for winter.
These are heath-cocks( black-cocks, black grouses)they live in tayga - forest. Very beautiful birds.


a water rat
a chipmunk
a squirrel
a flying squirrel

Animals of our region. Exhibits of the museum.

Foxes, hares, hadgers, ground sqirrels live in our forests. There are a lot of different animals in our forests but the exhibits are only these. The museum is small and young.