Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teachers' Day at our school.

October,5 is a day in our country when teachers are given honour to.Students and parents give flowers, cards and handmade souvenires to teachers.
This year our students were extraordinary. They invited all the teachers in one of the classroom on the third floor and asked to look through the window.
So we saw a big heart wich consisted of our students.
After the third lesson teachers became students and students(of 10-11 grades) became teachers. We had badges with our first names on them as Tanya (not Tatyana Ivanovna) Larisa, Natasha and so on. We attended lessons as students.
After the lessons we became teachers again (students asked us).

It was really exciting. Upsidedown day!
Do you have such holidays in your country, school?


Wm Chamberlain said...

That is such a nice way to show the teachers how important they are. In the United States we don't have any traditional day, often students will bring presents for the Christmas holiday or at the end of the school year.
Mr. C

tasteach said...

We have a world teacher's day but it is not a holiday of any sort. It is usually the end of the year at Christmas, like William Chamberlain said, when students remember their teachers. Feel free to visit my class blog and check out the September Participants page for lots of bloggers around the world taking part in a blogging challenge. You could also check out my student bloggers on the blogroll.

Miss W http://wyatt67.edublogs.org