Friday, October 23, 2009

Monster Project 2009

We started the project with the translation of the parts description.
Then students divided into small groups and began making the parts.
I’m an English teacher so I teach some classes. There were two 6th grade classes that made the monster. We had been making it for 6 lessons. There was much rubbish in the classroom. Everybody asked “What are you doing? What is it?” Every time I told about the project.
The monster is very beautiful.


Bob Greenberg said...

Dear Boys and Girls,
We loved seeing the pictures of you building your monster. We are almost finished building ours. We can't wait to see your finished product. We will post pictures of our monster for you to look at soon. Please check our blog.
Your Friends in the USA,
The Brainwaves

carolynknz said...

Dear Friends,
It is very interesting to see the pictures of you building your monster. At the moment we seem to have more mess than monster! But the Livewires have been busy and we will soon be able to show you our finished monster.
Your friends,
Miss Knight and the Livewires

ксенька said...

I like the proiect.I made the head.It was big beat.We made it quickly.

Tanya said...

the project was super!I made the head.I translated a lot of texts.

Tanya said...

The project was super!I made the head.I translated a lot of texts.

nika said...

I like the project very much. First, we described glasses and then we made them.
I want to look at other monsters.

TSmith said...

Dear Monster Makers,

We liked your pictures of you working on the monster in your school. It was fun to see the inside of your classroom. Your monster is really well done and beautiful artwork! We are also having fun looking at the rest of your blog - love the trip to Krasnoyarsk Fun Park, and the kids liked Pipi a lot. We will be adding animals to our blogs soon.
Bye from Mr. Smith's class

Classroom Queen said...

I'm organizing an Olympic project for the 2010 games in Vancouver, Canada. Would you be interested in joining us and the other classes?

Haultain Community School

Олеся said...

Greetings to all!!!
I very much liked our project!!! We did a trunk of our MONSTER)))) I Think that our future projects will be same bright, colourful and interesting!!!