Monday, April 15, 2013

New video. Young learners creating stories.

A story about Cats family.

Cats and milk.

 Rabbits and cabbage.

Cats and a dog

Истории, придуманные на кружке английского языка

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Полина Леонтьева said...

Spring in my place.
All Russian people know about coming of the spring. Usually spring comes in different parts of the country in different ways. Somewhere it comes early and somewhere it is later. Some part of Russia are muddly puddles and rains, but in the other part of Russia is sunny and dry. In Aban spring comes offen with a delay. But usually spring in Aban with muddle puddles and wet snow so with rain.
Foreign visitors offen comes to Russia. And they offen don't know what weather we have. Foreign visitors not come to Aban or I haven't met the in Aban. If they come to Aban? What they wear?
So summer is mild I advise to wear light clothes. For example, for girl it is dress, hat and sandals, for boy it is a shirt or a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers.
In September is warm weather. You can safely wear autumn clothes. But in Octomber and November are cold. Sometimes falls snow. I think that you need to winter clothes.
Winter is cold. So you should wear much warmer than usual.
Spring is dirty in Aban and you know it. So you should wear rubber boots and raincoat. This is main. Sppting isn't very warm in March and snow aren't melt.
If foreign people read these tips they know what to wear now. I think rha my tips are useful for someone.