Sunday, January 22, 2012

The parcel from Brainwaves.

At last we got the parcel from our friends Brainwaves and their teacher Mr.Geenberg. There were students Cristmas cards with best wishes to us. And there was a book! "The invention of Hugo Cabret".
Students are very excited to have the book.They liked the pictures in it.There are lots of them in the book! We are going to read the book one chapter a lesson.
Thank you very much Mr.Greenberg and the students.


TSmith said...

What fun! Mr. Greenberg is a great friend. He sent my 4th grade class the Hugo book also - it was loved by all the students! Cheers,

Mr. Smith

carolynknz said...

What a great gift. I have just bought the same book for my new school library! I first read it after Mr Greenberg recommended it to me a while ago.