Wednesday, April 29, 2009

English Festival.

Every year we have a regional English festival.Students from different schools come together and make a perfomance. This year the name of the festival was "Welcome to England".Students had learned a lot of new songs, poems and dramas.We had a great time!


MissF said...

Hi this is Duncan from Morrinsville Intermediate. It seemed that you really enjoyed your festival on "welcome to England" did you wear old English clothes?

The said...

Hello friends,
We are so excited because Cheburashka arrived today! We will put a short video of him being welcomed into our class on our blog. We look forward to taking him home to meet our families. We will tell you all about his adventures in New Zealand.
The Livewires

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow! What a fantastic idea!
Did you English dances too ?

Mrs She

Larisa Tarasevich said...

Hi friends,
We are happy that Cheburashka's travelling's finished.We are looking forward to the video.
As for the festival children dressed in old English costumes.

Larisa Tarasevich said...

For Little voices
Yes they danced and sang "Mistletoe".
One girl sang a song from "Titanic".
Our students learn the culture of english speaking countries in such a way.

Linda Yollis said...

Dear At the Fireplace,
My third grade students and I enjoy reading your blog and watching your movies. We found you from Mr. Salsich's blog in Connecticut, U.S.A. We live in California, U.S.A.

We have you linked to our blog and would love to invite you to view and comment on ours!

Mrs. Yollis

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi there!
We just come by to say ''Hello" and hope that you will come and visit our blog too.

Mrs She and Room 5 at Pt England School Auckland New Zealand.

Jack Sloan said...

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