Monday, November 3, 2008



The said...
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The said...

Hello Mrs Tarasevich,
I wish we had snow here. It never snows in our part of New Zealand. How many classes have you got? How many children are at your school. Your school looks much bigger and tidier than ours. We have 5 classrooms and a library. Do you have a swimming pool? We do. Miss Knight wants to know if the orange flowers are marigolds.
The Livewires, New Zealand

Larisa Tarasevich said...

Hi dear students,
I and my students are happy to have such friends as you.
Our school is quite large. We have got 22 classes from the 1 - 11( age 7-17) about 550 students and 50 teachers. It's a pitty we haven't got a swimming pool. There are swimming pools only in towns and cities but we live in a settlement.We have a sport ground , football field and a skating ring (only in winter)
As for the flowers, they are marigolds.

Bob Greenberg said...

Hello Mrs. Tarasevich,
We didn't know that Halloween was celebrated in Russia. Do you go trick or treating door to door? We are also doing A Room With a View along with the Livewires of New Zealand. We do get snow here, sometimes a lot. You can follow the changes as we post new photos each month. We hope you post updates of your view. We will be checking back to see how the view changes.
The Brainwaves, USA

Larisa Tarasevich said...

Dear friends,
People in our country don't celebrate Halloween. We celebrate it at school because we want our students to know English and learn about english soeaking countries. To make the process of teaching and learning more interesting our school english teachers team try to create an English atmosphere.
We watch the changes of your school's view.
Students of Mrs.Tarasevich

Wm Chamberlain said...

You have a beautiful school!
Mr. C