Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Easter traditions do you have?

Do you celebrate Easter in your country?

What are the traditions?


carolynknz said...
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carolynknz said...

How We Celebrate Easter in New Zealand
We celebrate Easter by eating hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. Most of us have a treasure hunt to find Easter eggs or chocolate. Hot cross buns are buns with a white cross on top, with raisins and cinnamon inside. Some people eat chocolate cake. Most people don’t dye their Easter eggs. Some people go to church.
By Harriet and Kayla, The Livewires, NZ

Classroom Queen said...

We celebrate Easter in Canda in much the same way as the people in New Zealand do. There are many Ukranian people in Canada in create beautiful Easter eggs.
We always have Good Friday off of school and our city has a week of holidays after Easter Sunday.
Ms B
Haultain Community School