Monday, March 10, 2008


There is always a lot of singing and dancing this day.


Carolyn said...

Hello Ms Tarasevich and class,
We are the Livewires in New Zealand and we were excited that you looked at our blog and would like to link up with us. We don't know much about Russia, except that it is very big and very far away from us. So we look forward to sharing blogs with each other and learning about each other.
Best wishes.
Miss Knight and the Livewires

Misha said...

This day was very intresting and happy for me, because i very likу
Maslenitsa. I was very cheerful, because this holiday has many funny competititions!

lion said...

Very interesting blog on which it is possible to learn that there is in Aban and that it for settlement, its history and geography, culture and customs.

varЫch said...

We very liked Maslenica! It very intresting and cheeful! In this day we has been holyday. And this dar always very intresting, cheeful,funny and crazy!!!

lion said...

The photo with масленици are very interesting on them it is possible to learn about that that occured there.

Olga said...

Just wanted to say, 'Hi' from the UK.

I'm a friend of your teacher's friend - does it make sense? ;o) I mean, N.Kasakova

With my very best wishes,

Classroom Queen said...

Thank you for your comment to our class blog. I've added your blog page for my students to read and respond to. Please add our class as a link for your class. We also look forward to sharing and learning with each other.
Kimberly Brown
Haultain Community School
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada