Sunday, January 20, 2008

The lake Plakhino

•This lake also has curative properties as well as Sacred, but on the bottom of this lake there is a curative silt. It is applied as a forage to domestic birds and animals. This lake with edible silt is unique.
The legend

•The lake Plakhino attracts pilgrims from all corners of Siberia and Russia. It is located on the right coast of the river Birusa, in several km.from the village Plakhino and in 70 km. to northeast from Aban. In 60s the lake was called Nikukinskoye. Local people named it Zahrebtovoye. The visitors specified it as the water of «life».

•By the official data, its water is poorly mineral and is not suitable for drinking; however it is very useful for baths and washing.
• If you are bitten by mosquitoes (your face and hands) wash them with plakhinskaya water. In several hours there will be no even a trace from stings. Your skin becomes soft and gentle. The main secret of the lake stored on its bottom. It is curative silt, which is called moroga.

•Moroga is very curative. If you lie down in the silt-many illnesses will disappear. So people have baths with it.
• In Krasnoyarsk territory there are hundred thousand of lakes, a lot of them are medical. But there is no such a miracle as Plakhino edible silt!
• In several km. from Plahino there are other lakes, for example, the lake Mangareki but the lake Plakhino is unique.

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